Multi Colors

  • Bosque Area Rug

    Bosque Area Rug

    Was: $290.00 - $615.00
  • Novelty Area Rug

    Novelty Area Rug

    Was: $115.00 - $2,065.00
  • Peralta Area Rug

    Peralta Area Rug

    Was: $109.50
  • Placentia Area Rug

    Placentia Area Rug

    MSRP: $146.00 - $1,809.00
    Was: $109.50 - $1,356.75
  • Whitmer Area Rug

    Whitmer Area Rug

    Was: $85.29
  • Boone Area Rug

    Boone Area Rug

    MSRP: $121.00 - $1,278.00
    Was: $90.75 - $958.50
  • Crescent Area Rug

    Crescent Area Rug

    Was: $684.75
  • Hubly Area Rug

    Hubly Area Rug

    Was: $85.29
  • Wenonah Area Rug

    Wenonah Area Rug

    Was: $216.00

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Bright Multicolored Area Rugs

Transform any room in your home with our innovative bright multicolored area rugs made from the highest quality materials. Our multi-color rug collection features various styles, patterns, and designs that can complement any space. No matter what your unique style is, we have the perfect multi-color rug that will be a long-term solution for many more years to come. Our affordable, trendy, and quality rugs are made to inspire you and are available in different sizes and price points; that way, everyone can enjoy them. Discover our designer-inspired bright multicolored area rugs and find the perfect addition to your space.